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Ances-tree Covering England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland.

Acorns and Oak Trees U. S. and Canada (Ontario)

Ancestorstalker United States, Mexico, Canada, UK and Alsace-Lorraine.  Also translate French to English.

ArdenholmeGenealogy United Kingdom. Archive Centres, Deaf History, censuses, parish registers, and parish chest documents.

Brewitt Genealogy Research Services  Canada, US, UK, Ireland. Specialty Ontario, Canada.

Bridgwater Gene Pool Specialty Somerset, England. Also England and Europe.

Eckhard Hensel  Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland.  Also translations German-English, English-German, including old documents in Old German script.

Family Connection The,. USA. North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, South Carolina, Tennesee

Genealogy Research Service  Missouri; USA

Genealogy Writer.Com  North America, Montana.

Kentucky Genealogy Kentucky, America, Scotland and United Kingdom.

Klockaresvedjan  Sweden, Denmark, Norway.  Genealogy, paleography, translations (Danish, German, Norwegian and Swedish into English)

Leafseeker Consulting  Missouri, USA. Court Documents, African-American Research, Newspapers

Maxwell Ancestry United Kingdom Southern Scotland

Mulherin Genealogy Services  French Canadian, Quebec, Acadian records

Our Scots Genealogy  Scottish Research Services Edinburgh Scotland.

Professional Family History  England. Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire & Suffolk.

Research Ireland US, Canada, Ireland, UK

RJP Family Connection  USA, Italy, Jamaica

Searching for You  Germany, Alsace (France), Czech Republic and former german territories in Eastern countries.

Shires Genealogy United Kingdom and America.

Tracing Your Ancestors in the UK Whole of UK, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Worcestershire

UK Genealogy Network A collection of Professional  Genealogists covering the whole of the UK

Ultimate Genealogy USA and Worldwide

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